Margaret Ann McInnis, a first generation Irish-American raised in Oakland, blessed with classical beauty and a sharp wit, met her partner of 61 years, Art Verge, at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California. Margo was ahead of her time, a college girl in the late ‘40s. Art was unlike anyone the Liberal Arts major had ever met: A student-athlete enrolled in pre-law thanks to the GI Bill, and a member of the college swim team. Art lost his mother and sister at an early age and his father, a prominent Santa Monica attorney, in his teens. He signed up for WWII service, joining the Navy at 17. Art made her laugh. Margo fell in love and followed her heart to LA.

Wanderlust, an affliction the two shared, defined the Verge’s family life. Throughout their married life she was at once grounded and game, a woman who picked up—with a growing family in tow—to set off with her husband, now a college history professor, on yet another international excursion. Dr. Verge, pioneered Santa Monica College’s Study Abroad program, opening minds, and the world of immersive travel to thousands of students during his decades long tenure. Margo taught English as a second language and raised six Verge urchins. The family relocated to England and Spain in the late ‘60s.

Margo’s on Montana Ave & 16th and Art’s Table on Montana Ave & 10th in Santa Monica are situated about equal distance from Casa Verge on Euclid north of Montana where Mark Verge, Margo’s proprietor, was raised in a large Irish Catholic family. The Verge family roots date back five generations to Marquez Rancho Boca de Santa Monica days. Margo’s is named after Mark’s mother, who still resides in the neighborhood. Art’s Table is named in honor of his late father, Dr. Art Verge, a respected waterman, and long time Santa Monica educator and historian. Art proudly served as a Santa Monica Lifeguard from 1949-1966.